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Some Things To Do

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Welcome to Anjou
Anjou, Paradise for everyone

Just inland from the Atlantic and surrounded by the departments of Touraine, Poitou, Brittainy and Normandy, all the wonderful things to see can be found within a 30 mile radius of Angers. To have so much crammed into one small area is such an advantage to any tourist who can hop from one place to another, this makes it ideal for a weekend break, or a longer delightful stay. COME AND SEE!!!.

Equine shows at Samaur

Saumur: With its magnificent fortified chateau standing guard over the historic city below.
Military Riding School: indoor arenas with riding displays to Olympic standard.
Underground mushroom caves: with interesting daily visits.
Champagne houses: with informative guided tours and tastings.
Tank museum: with exhibits spanning both World Wars and up to present day.
The Loire River: offers relaxing seasonal boat trips, restaurants and fishing.
Tourist information website: www.saumur-tourisme.com

Our region is home to some 1200 chateaux and stately homes which makes even the smallest villages you come across interesting. Many of these chateaux are owned by celebrities, even the chateau at Tigne is owned by the famous French actor Gerard Depardieu. Having been to several of the chateaux in Anjou, we would highly recommend a visit to the chateau at Brissac, Visit their website at www.chateau-brissac.fr nothing is left to the imagination regarding period furnishings, all can be seen in their full splendour.

A selection of the local Chateaux

Cointreau from Angers

Angers: Is the principle city of the Anjou region and is the merging point of the Maine and Loire rivers.
The Chateau: with its wonderful Apocalypse Tapestry, open all year round.
Rail/coach Network: links Angers to all towns and cities in France.
Site-seeing Train: giving guided tours daily around Angers old town.
Shopping: several super markets and all the high street fashion shops.
Cointreau: guided tours twice a day with tastings.
The rivers: with their lakes and riverside walks.
Tourist information website: www.angers-tourisme.com

Our Anjou wines are famous world wide. Wine growers here are rightly proud of their wines, Anjou Blanc and Anjou Rouge, Cabernet d'Anjou and Coteau du Layon. Come and taste for yourselves. The prices will surprise you, purchase by the bottle, or by the more modern bag-in-box.

The vine fields

The Zoo at Doue la Fontaine

Doue La Fontaine (Doue): quaint market town with much history and the rose capital of France.
The Zoo de Doue: dedicated to breeding endangered species.
The Rose Gardens: free walks amidst the many different scented varieties.
The Troglodite villages: underground caves and restaurants open to the public.
The Gothic Church: built in the 10th century and still impresive to see.

Why not try among other things!!!

Horse riding, pony-trekking, walking, cycling, swimming, canoeing, and wine tasting all are on offer in this superb region. Have you heard about indoor bowls The game of the Loire and said to have been invented by bargemen to amuse themselves playing in the hold. The aim of the game is to get as near to the Jack as possible, but the pitch is concaved not convex. The bowls have flattened ends and are biased to one side like English bowls. Pop into a local club and see the game played, YOU WILL SURELY BE WELCOMED.

So much to do, so little time!

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